Procedures for Classroom Parties

6 years ago

Important Notice to Parents Regarding New Procedures for Classroom Parties

  • Due to issues with security and the safety of our students, we will be making some changes for classroom parties. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we introduce these new procedures.
  • Class parties will be held from 2:00-2:45.
  • Parents will NOT be allowed in the classrooms before 2:00. An exception will be made for the homeroom mothers who set up for the party. The names of the homeroom mothers will be on a list in the office.
  • School aged children, who are NOT members of the class, are not allowed to attend the class parties. Preschool aged siblings may ONLY attend with prior permission from the classroom teacher.
  • Parents will be asked to leave the building at 2:45 so teachers can get end of the day messages to students, pass out homework assignments, and give end of the day instructions to students.
  • Regular attendance/tardy policies will be in effect if you check your child out early. Students will not be allowed to leave the the classroom with parents. If it is absolutely necessary for your child to check out early, you will need to come to the office to check the student out, using the same procedures we would follow on a regular day.
  • The office staff will call the child out of class after it has been determined that you are on the student's pick up list. Every adult must have a photo ID available. The office will issue a Visitor's Pass to EVERY person that enters the building.

P.E. for Life
P.E. for Life

Southside Elementary physical education teacher, Cathie Hotelling, has gone through PE4life training. PE4life is a nonprofit organization that encourages schools to move from a more traditional sports based curriculum to more comprehensive model pursuing life time fitness. PE4life wants to build healthy bodies one student at a time. The PE4life Core Principles are:

*Offer a variety of fitness, sport, leisure, and adventure activities to all students

*Implement a K-12 standards-based curriculum *Provide a safe and encouraging learning environment *Utilize individual assessments *Incorporate current technology *Expand PE beyond the wall of the gymnasium *Ideally, be offered to every child every day

Not Your Same Old Gym Class

Southside Elementary is a SPARK Physical Education School. The SPARK curriculum is research based and offers developmentally appropriate instruction in a variety of fitness and sport specific activities. SPARK’s primary emphasis is on getting children active and encourages the development of healthy active lifestyles. Some of the activities Southside students will be engaged in: dance, jump rope, Yoga, sport specific skills, and a variety of strength and conditioning activities designed to teach and encourage a healthy happy lifestyle. VISIT PAGE